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Highway Power Generation

Production Information
On Earth, there are many vehicles driving on the road every day, this kind of strong mechanical energy cannot ignore, the vehicle through “power generation panel” to produce electricity, it uses the weight and kinetic energy from vehicles, and convert it into electricity, endless traffic will bring an endless supply of energy, meanwhile in exchange for money.

Our product have eight features, The total thickness of the device is 7cm, compression is 1mm, easy to install, only need to lay generating panels on the road, don not needs to dig the road, material is non-piezoelectric crystal as better to protect eco-environment, vehicle speed over 100km also can collection power, device costs are less than other green energy, equipment internal combine low-speed disk-type generator by Jun Fu's develop, so conversion efficiency can up to 70%, generating panel can able to bear high-temperature 150℃ and low temperature -40℃, device is completely sealed, waterproof and dustproof. Highway Power Generation has obtained ISO 9001 and CE certification. The special award is 2015 New York Edison Awards-Sustainable Energy- Gold Medal.