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Micro hydropower- turbine

Production Information
Hydropower is greatest of clean energy. Jun Fu’s micro hydro turbine is different from the traditional erected-type turbine, and has applied for multinational patents. Micro Hydro Power has two features, the whole turbine can be completely immersed in the water and generate electricity, blades will follow water flow to automatically flip angle, easy to install.
This turbine volume is small than traditional type 60%, build costs are less than traditional type50%, generation efficiency is high than traditional type 40%. Application has open-type hydropower and water pipes power generation. The open-type hydropower is installed the turbine on river to generate electricity. The water pipes power generation is installed turbine in the valve to generate electricity.
Reservoir water need to through pipeline transport to each use of water location, but the reservoir location is usually in the high place, its pipeline pressure is about 5kg, in order to control water flow and pressure, current technology is using valve to adjustment, however, this way is more waste water power. The valve combine Jun Fu’s turbine also can regulate water flow and generating power, and recover waste energy.